Friday, August 22, 2008

Vanilla OR Chocolate Cuppiecakes

mini size

S size

M size

L size

Cuppiecakes are made of either vanilla or chocolate cake base, topped/decored with buttercream icing only.

Available with any designs/themes of your request.

Storage wise:

In room temperature: 2-3days
To refrigerate: 1week

Prices are as below:
mini size
small box (25pcs) - RM35
big box (49pcs) - RM55

S size

big box (24pcs) - RM60

M size

big box (20pcs) - RM60

L size

big box (16pcs) - RM64

Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes

Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes are made of texan chocolate cake, topped with creamy chocolate ganache, and decored with colorful buttercream icing(of your choice).
Suitable for any occasion but preferrably in the mini size cupcakes only as it won't look as good if it was in other sizes, i.e; the S/M/L sizes.
Unfortunately, these cupcakes are to be consumed immediately.
Therefore, it is not that suitable for 'hantaran' purposes if you were to keep them for a few days.

Storage wise:
In room temperature: within 24hrs only (without direct sun)
To refrigerate: 3-4 days

Prices are as below:
mini size ONLY
small box (25pcs) -
big box (49pcs) - RM65

Edah's Little Cheesecake

Edah's Little Cheesecake is the product that my mom came out with!!
It is, without a doubt, EXTREMELY DeLiCiOusS indeed!!
Why Edah?? coz it's my mom's name & she did it all by herself!
So, credits to her, commissions to ME!! haha! ;)
SeriousLy, this is another must-TRY little cakes!!
Heavenly made from crunchy biscuits with Creamcheese...yummyumm..
To all the Cheese Loverrssss out there, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT miss this out! ;)

Prices are as below:
Less than 100pcs : RM1.10 each
More than 100pcs : RM1.00 each