Friday, August 22, 2008

Edah's Little Cheesecake

Edah's Little Cheesecake is the product that my mom came out with!!
It is, without a doubt, EXTREMELY DeLiCiOusS indeed!!
Why Edah?? coz it's my mom's name & she did it all by herself!
So, credits to her, commissions to ME!! haha! ;)
SeriousLy, this is another must-TRY little cakes!!
Heavenly made from crunchy biscuits with Creamcheese...yummyumm..
To all the Cheese Loverrssss out there, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT miss this out! ;)

Prices are as below:
Less than 100pcs : RM1.10 each
More than 100pcs : RM1.00 each


Reen Khuduri said...

wow! ur creativity is just owesome! i rather frame it instead of eat.=))

personally i thought you little cakes are too expensive. i can find other with 40% cheaper.

My personal advise is, u know, cup cakes biz becomes common today. too stong competition among baker. Your creativity dressing of cakes is so amazing besides, no one will buy if your price is too much expansive.

I'm not in this industry, but i am a customer of your biz industry.

please take my words as sumthing for u to think. I am not condemning.

Wishing you best of luck and have a wonderful cutie healty baby.

effie said...

it does look nice..
can i know how the postal be??